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About Realty Partners

The Realty Partners Mission is to Help Agents Make More Money and Be More Successful. In addition, Realty Partners offers outstanding agents the opportunity to become partners in the business.

The company was founded to tell the story of a truly agent-centric business model that casts the agents as the businesses true drivers of success and rewards them by sharing in the overall success of the company through the Industry’s first true agent ownership, profit sharing and retirement plan.

Realty Partners, LLC was founded by Thomas Heimann, a successful serial entrepreneur with a 10+ years experience in the real estate industry where he built one of the leading real estate teams in SW Florida and pioneered new business models in both the real estate and title industry. Prior to entering the real estate industry, he founded the world’s first web hosting and e-commerce provider which he merged in 1998 with Interliant, which went public in 1999 (INIT).. In 2000 he co-founded iDigi Communications, the first Internet Incubator in the SE United States, where he gave birth to a number of successful ventures including iDigi Wireless, the precursor to xGTechnology (XGTI).

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